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will continue to function. >> very important background that you give to us, of course. poland, a key ally to the united states and you'll give us more on that in the next coming hour. josh levs, thank you. >> thank you. >>> much more on today's plane crash in russia, but first, headlines for you. first off, eight people have been killed in thailand and another round of violence between protesters and security forces there. the victims including a japanese photographer who was working for the reuters news agency. a week-long search at a west virginia coal mine ended in tragedy and sorrow. four missing miners have been found dead, bringing the overall death toll in this week's explosion to 29. president obama is promising a thorough investigation and accountability there. >>> and republican national chairman michael steele gets a vote of confidence despite speculation his job may be in jeopardy, a letter supporting steele has been signed by a majority of state party chair men. steele is speaking today at the leadership conference. we'll be monitoring his remarks. >>> now back to today's top
newsnight." >> what next for poland's? >> this week, after the president of poland and much of the country's cabinet were killed in an aircraft on russian soil, the polish foreign minister talks about the impact of those deaths and the repercussions on polish/russian relations. -- polish-russian relations. what can we actually do? >> mid their terrorism is a threat to international security. >> political parties laid out their promises to the voters. what does britain's election look like from a freeway most help window? -- mattel window? -- motel window. hello. poland buried its president this weekend. the country has been in mourning since the plane crash in western russia. 95 other senior polish figures died a week ago. the accident came as the president was traveling to a ceremony to mark the top 70 of anniversary -- the 70th anniversary of a massacre in 1940. what effect does it have now on one of the most important and sensitive relationships in europe? my colleague reports. >> the clash looked to have stunned poland, like the repetition of another tragedy. it killed not just the pre
: house resolution 1246, resolution expressing sympathy to the people of poland in the aftermath of the tragic plane crash that killed the country's president, first lady and 94 others on april 10, 2010. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. delahunt, and the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, each will control 20 minutes. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. delahunt: madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on the resolution under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. delahunt: madam speaker, i rise in strong support of this resolution, which expresses sympathy for the people of poland following the tragic plane crash last weekend that killed their president and so many others. and i yield myself as much time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. delahunt: i wish to thank my colleagues and friends, representatives dahlkemper
this morning. poland's president, the first lady and a number of other dignitaries are dead after their plane crash this morning in russia. headed to a memorial for the 78th anniversary of a world war ii massacre pap source of great tension between the two countries. >> it's purely shocking for everybody from poland. this week, past week harks been quite a week of reconciliation between russia and poland over this, and i think this was completely -- it's going to just be completely shocking. >> officials say it appears the plane clipped trees while trying to land in heavy fog. a little background on the polish president. lech wielinski, born june 18, 1949, has an identical twin brother. the twins in the public eye from an early age. were first child actors before getting into politics. elected war of warsaw in 2002. three years later ran as president, promising a moral revolution and won. the president quickly named his twin brother prime minister, and he served from mid-2006 until november of 2007. we'll continue to follow this still developing story. >>> formeralities also governor sarah pa
. thanks for being with us. >>> the people of poland are in shock, their president and first lady killed in a plane crash hours ago. investigators say the plane was trying to land in fog there. electric kaczynski was there for an anniversary. russia's emergency minister says 97 people in all have been confirmed dead. poland's parliament speaker now acting president has declared a time for national myroning. two minutes of silence mid dade tomorrow and another is planned in russia. >> on behalf of the russian people, i extend the deeps and sincerest of condolences to the people of poland. and to the loved ones and relatives of those deceased. on monday, april 12th, russia will have a national mourning day. >> barack obama among the many world leaders offering condolences. he called the death devastating to poland, the united states and the world. he said president kaczynski was a distinguished statesman who played a key role, and widely admired in the united states. >>> at this time, russian investigators thing the plane crash was attributed to heavy follow, and possibly the plane clipped
in poland, but also a day of mourning in russia, underlying how relations between the countries have suddenly improved. >> president obama chose the biggest summit yet on how to secure nuclear facilities around the world. the first week of the ruling labor party in britain, they launched their manifesto. india and pakistan might be political rivals, but they do have a way towards unity. hello, welcome to "gmt." you can barely see the pavement outside of the presidential palace in warsaw. covered in tributes, the military, business, and arts are represented in those dead perished. let's go to my colleague, nick, in warsaw. >> welcome to the presidential palace. here is much of what you've been talking about. today is a day of mourning, there is a queue but it is for a book of remembrances. let me give you a sense of what many are talking about here. a community in trauma. 60 pages covering this disaster on saturday, including a 20 page pullout including obituaries. let's get this update from duncan kennedy. >> the presidential palace in warsaw remains the focal point of national griev
.org. >> in the u.s. house today, members passed a resolution offering condolences to the people of poland. members of the cabinet and dignitaries. this is 40 minutes. >> it expresses sympathy to the people of poland. it killed the country's president, first lady, and 94 others. april 10, 2010. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. delahunt, and the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, each will control 20 minutes. the chair now recognizes the gentleman from massachusetts. mr. delahunt: madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous material on the resolution under consideration. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. delahunt: madam speaker, i rise in strong support of this resolution, which expresses sympathy for the people of poland following the tragic plane crash last weekend that killed their president and so many others. and i yield myself as much time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. delahu
is about to gavel and and we will begin the day for a moment of silence for poland. in about an hour after general speeches, senators return to debate on short-term extensions for a number of expiring federal programs, including unemployment benefits. senators vote at 12:30 p.m. eastern on waiting senate budget rules that the bill contained spending that is not offset by cuts or tax increases. 60 votes needed for the bill to continue. the senate is live now on c-span2. also the house is meeting in about a half an hour and will consider haiti debt relief, enforcement of new penalties for fake caller ids, and taxpayer assistance. see live coverage of the u.s. house on our companion network, c-span. senate will come to order. the chaplain, doctor barry black will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. today, o god, bring our senators' hearts and minds into harmony with your will so that they may be assured that their lives are fulfilling your high purpose. give them the incentives they need, the trust that is essential, and the joy that is possible as they face the duties and o
may have been to blame in the crash that killed poland's president and 95 others saturday in western russia. president ch lech kaczynski was headed to a memorial to honor thousands of those executed by joseph stalin. kaczynski talked with me last september following word the obama administration was scrapping the u.s. missile defense deal with poland and the czech republican. >> i worked hard to bring about the deal and make it successful. i would like to be honest with you and i will just say i did everything i could to finalize the deal. i cannot say i was happy. it was an important deal for us. >> bret: today in poland the outpouring of grief continued for kaczynski, and others killed. correspondent amy kellogg reports from warsaw. >> reporter: the mourners don't stop coming. today, the line of the condolence book stretched for an entire city block. the president of poland lech kaczynski was killed saturday when his plane crashed in russia. 95 others, including the first lady, top military brass and members of parliament died with him. they had been on the way to a ceremony markin >>> straight ahead this hour, a plane crash kills the president of poland and other top polish officials, as well. we'll have details and world reaction for you. in the 4:00 p.m. eastern hour a u.s. family puts a 7-year-old orphan on a plane and sends him back to russia. we'll tell you how an international adoption turned into an international incident. then, you just saw our special on the united states debt crisis and a controversial documentary called "iousa." coming up in a few minutes, we have a different view. i'm richard lui in for fredricka whitfield. >>> a nation in shock. an airliner carrying president kaczynski. 97 people were aboard and there were no survivors. the delegation was on its way to a ceremony marking the seventh anniversary of a world war ii massacre. that plane was trying to land in heavy fog in an area of smolensk and apparently hit some trees. john cox is a veteran airline pilot who heads an aviation consulting firm that specializes in emergency response planning and crisis management. he joins us on the phone from st. petersburg, florida. from what you know an
out pneumonia tanks out there. >>> other top stories from overnight. poland is marking moments of silence after top military officials were killed in the plane accident. the bodies of the president, lech ka zensky and his wife will be there tomorrow. >>> actress, dixie carter, she has died. she was 70 years old. the tennessee-born carter made a career out of playing strong southern women. shes is best known for her role as julia sugarbaker in "designing women," married to actor, hal hole brobrook. >>> you see all kinds of implosions of buildings but this is a massive undertaking to bring down this huge stadium. it has been around since 1971. ground level. i am hearing some -- y'all let me know if there is something we need to listen to. people have shown up to this. people in texas and dallas cowboys known by a lot of accounts as america's team. people have followed this team. they have followed them through so many years and so many championships and so many records and so many hall-of-famers in that stadium, texas stadium, sits in irving texas. the plan now is to have. there
to express my deepest sympathy to the people of poland. polish president select kaczynski, along with his wife, maria, several leaders across the political spectrum and senior religious clergy crashed on their way to katyn, russia, to commemorate another tragedy in poland's history. these leaders were traveling in a historic effort to heal the deep wounds of the katyn massacre in polish and russian history. this loss was not poland's alone. from the outpouring of support from our nation's nine million americans of polish descent, look those in new york's 21st district, including my own family, to the president's family, america stands next to poland in mourning. the solidarity of the polish people in their grief is an inspiration to us all. my thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost someone. thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon rise? >> to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. defazio: the obama administration has steadfastly refused to contest the tariff of $2.4 b
a. this happened in the wee hours, but the president of poland is dead, looks with his wife and you will several other top dignitaries of the polish government. the entire country is mourning right now you are seeing the wreckage of the plane that went down in the western part of russia. on the right of your screen, you're seeing what we have been watching for the past hour or so now. that's a live picture in warsaw, a country that's in absolute shock right now. again, i repeat, not just losing the president of that country, the first lady, head of the army chief of staff, the national security office head, deputy parliament speaker, deputy foreign minister, a number of dignitaries. right now we've confirmed 89 all together were lost in that particular plane crash, but according to other numbers there could have been more people on the plane. so wait you for a good hard number. the prime minister came out a short time ago, trying to reassure the people of his country, but he wants toss victims to be remembered. >> translator: the speaker -- the deputy speaker of the polish governmen
of poland and his wife are among the dozens dead after a plane crash in western russia. polish officials put the death toll at 97. we are told some of the country's highest military and civilian leaders were on the presidential plane when it crashed while trying to land in the fog. pat sinclair has the latest. >> emergency crews tried to put out a flaming debris in western russia on saturday. the debris from the airplane pates are horrific scene. on board the plane was deposed president, lech kaczynski, a u.s. ally seen at the white house with former president george bush. also killed was the first lady and several high-ranking officials. the foggy weather may have played a part. an investigation is ongoing. the delegation was in russia for a ceremony marking the anniversary of the world war ii massacre. vladimir putin went to the crash site and is promising full cooperation with poland. >> we will set up everything necessary to meet their relatives and whoever wants to visit. >> in poland, the mourners in this deeply roman catholic country build the church is to express their grief. in wash
an entire generation of highest ranking politicians and military personnel from poland. here is duncan kennedy. >> in silence and great numbers they queued up to sign of book of condolence. thousands of people wishing to show their respect of the late president, waiting president in the spring sunshine. the initial shock us -- saturday's disaster, replaced now of -- but the more philosophical mood of reflection. this was not just the passing of the president of loss of many noted public figures as well. remarkably in moscow, there was a shared sense of bereavement as president medvedev came to the polish embassy to lead russian public tribute. he later stood before a photo of president lech kaczynski, in the symbolism of russia and poland friendship, setting aside decades of mutual suspicion and mistrust. the russian prime minister vladimir putin has been praised and poland for his quick and compassionate response to the disaster. >> the state commission is working and of course we will do everything we can to make the investigation objective and complete. of all the reason for this ai
. the president's body was returned to pole and today where mourn -- poland today where mourners paid respects. lech kaczynski and his wife were killed after the pilot tried to land in western russia. voice recordings do not indicate any problems. the crash has left many in poland devastated. >> i'm sure poland will come through this. this is a strong nation, strong democracy and strong friend to america. we pause and join them in this grief. >> russian investigators say the pilot had been warned that it was too foggy to land but made the attempt anyway. the crash killed 96 people on board. >>> the mourning isn't limited to poland itself. in our area a church was packed with people who wanted to be part of a memorial to the victims. particularly the pole issue president. fox 5's roz plater was at the service. she joins us live in the news room. >> reporter: the pole issue community in our area held a memorial mass. this is a small tight-knit group who told us it was important to mourn together. high noon, polish americans from across the d.c. area make their way to our lady queen of poland par
. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon. people across poland today observed two minutes of silence to honor their late president and first lady and nearly 100 other polish dignitaries who died yesterday in a plane crash in russia. the body of president lech kaczynski is now back in warsaw. phil is among the thousands of mourners outside the presidential palace. phil, an extraordinary outpouring of emotions today. >> reporter: indeed. it has just gone midnight here in warsaw. as the camera pans, you'll see there is still a significant crowd of people in this area surrounding the presidential palace. people are still coming here. they're still laying candles, flowers, still grieving. it has been a long emotional day. the crowd started gathering here early this morning, and they built to around 100 or so. there was a moment of silence at midday. and then in the afternoon a plane arrived at warsaw airport carrying the body of poland's late president. it was greeted with a simple but emotional prayer service at that time, greeted by members of the government, members of his family, and
for april 10. world leaders send condolences to poland, a nation that is now in mourning. the president and first lady and other senior government figures are killed in a plane crash in western russia. >> chaos in the heart of bangkok. thai police open fire on red-shirt anti-government protestors. several people have already been killed, including a journalist. plus this. >> now the healing will start. >> four west virginia families get the worst possible news from the governor. searchers found the bodies of those missing miners that appears to have all perished in monday's methane gas blast. >>> the plane that crashed in western russia carrying the poland president crashed in heavy fog early this morning. 96 russian people were on the plane, poland's version of air force i. no one survived. he was leading a delegation to russia of the seventh anniversary of the massacre of poland's prisoner of war. they're now acting as a country in mourning, and world leaders are offering their sympathies and support as well. >> translator: on behalf of the russian people, i send the de
and prosperity to poland. the greatest legacy of late president kaczynski is the one of freedom and is the one of creating foundations for enormous political, economic success and prosperity in poland. >> let's go straight to the scene of the horrific crash and luis gramule on the phone with us tonight. what are you seeing and hearing there? >> hi, don. i'm sorry. could you repeat that please? >> i said, what are you seeing there at the scene? >> well, a lot of -- in woodland, a very short distance away from the runway. we have the wing in one area of the woodland and the body and the tail in another area. obviously rescue workers were there. night has fallen. it is about 1:00 in the morning here now. so that work has sort of quieted down now. >> luis graham-yooll is on the scene now. we'll get florida him more from story continues to develop. there is some question about the age of the airplane. we'll be following this developing story here on cnn all evening for you. meantime, in washington, d.c., president barack obama issued this statement. today's loss is devastating to poland, to the uni
a fiery plane crash kills the president of poland and much of his government. why did the pilot ignore recommendation not to land? >>> mine tragedy in west virginia. we now know what happened to the last of those missing miners and why the search took so long. >>> a a adoption scandal. the latest tonight on the little boy put on a plane alone, sent back to russia by the american woman who adopted him. >>> and the mystery, a first look in years at the relic some believe is holy. others say it's hype. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening from the white house and capitals around the world, condolences are being offered tonight to the people of poland after a tragic plane crash that has claimed the lives of that country's president, his wife and many other prominent officials. in all, 97 people died when the jet went down on a flight from warsaw to russia. tonight the polish government, an important american ally is devastated by the loss of not only its president, but its deputy foreign minister, head of national security, and a number of lawmakers who are
to smith areins and the pre-teen who's pressing the button is here. >>> poland today lost a big part of its government in one terrible event. the president, his wife and nearly 100 top polish officials including senior military officials died in a plane crash this morning in russia. the delegation had gone to russia to mark the 70th anniversary of an horrific event in tworld war i i, the massacre of p.o.w.s. terrorism does not appear to be a factor in today's crash but weather does. russian and polish authorities say the polish military plane took off from warsaw and crashed while approaching the airport in russia. the pilot ignored warning not to land. the crash has stunned poland and the u.s. the ambassador says the president embodied the spirit of polish independence in the post-soviet world. >> the president represented the generation of freedom, the freedom connected permanently with the legacy of solidarity movement which in 1989 brought about the freedom, democracy, and prosperity to poland. so the greatest legacy of the late president is the one of freedom and is the one of creating
of poland is in shock today after a devastating plane crash takes the lives of the polish president, first lady and many of the country's highest leaders. good evening, i'm pat lawson muse. craig melvin is off tonight. the poland's president was one of 90 killed this morning. the airliner ran into bad weather in skies above russia. tom aspell has the story. >> reporter: the fuselage 154 airplane crashed in thick fog a mile short of smolensk airport in russia killing all 96 onboard including polish president lech kaczynski and his wife maria. >> i think the whole world will be saddened and in sorrow as a result of this tragic death and the plane crash of president kaczynski and his wife and the party with them. i think we know the difficulties poland has gone through, the sacrifices he, himself, made as part of the solidarity movement and the fight for independence and freedom of poland. >> reporter: localle officials said the airplane caught fire after it hit the ground. rescue teams tried to pull people out of the wreckage, but there were no survivors. they were going to a memorial servic
an exclusive conversation with the foreign minister of poland, one of the few leaders who was not on that plane. he'll talking about how poland goes on after a staggering tragedy. stay with us. >>> i want you, for a moment, to imagine the unimaginable. imagine if air force one went down while carrying the president, the first lady, the chairman of the federal reserve, the national security adviser, the deputy secretary of state, the deputy secretary of treasury, the army chief of staff, and some 50 other key american leaders. that is the equivalent of what has just happened to the polish government eight days ago. and now poland's government and the nation as a whole needs to find a way to pick itself up from the ashes. radek sikorski, poland's foreign minister, was the first leader in poland notified of the crash. he joins me now from warsaw. >> hi, fareed. >> tell me what your reaction was when you first got that phone call? >> well, one's first reaction is disbelief. one's second reaction is hope that the accident is not as serious as it sounds. i was informed that there's been a crash, but
. >>> it does not look like poland's plane had any technically problems before it crashed in russia. lech kaczynski and his wife were among the 96 people killed in the crash. as fox's amy kellogg reports it has left many in poland devastated. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people line the streets of warsaw mourning the death of president lech kaczynski. some softly singing the country's national anthem. others tossing flowers at the hearse carrying the late president. the road up to the presidential palace has become a shrine. memorial liesing the country's leader, his wife and other dignitaries who lost their lives in saturday more than's plane crash. flowers and candles have piled up out side the palsy where hundreds gathered at noon sunday to two minutes of silence. some mourners are trying to emphasize poland's strength and stability. >> it will not affect us in terms of any political organization. the nation is well organized and we have a constitution that is in place, and the country will run both economically and politically stable. but it's a great shock for everyone. >> repor
>>> a nation's grief. poland mourns its president and so many of its top officials killed in a plane crash, a tragedy being felt around the world. >>> the investigation. why did the plane go down and who made the decision to land under such dangerous conditions? >>> growing anger under that russian boy adopted in america, then sent home. and what some other parents who adopt are up against. >>> and the end of an era. they've been bolding going into space for decades. they're even there tonight. so why on earth is life about to they're even there tonight. so why on earth is life about to change for america's astronauts? captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. the body of polish president lech kaczynski is back home in poland tonight. met by tearful countrymen still in shock over a plane crash that killed him and scores of that country's political, military, and cultural elite. outside the presidential palace in warsaw, a sorrowful vigil continues tonight, where thousands have come to pay their respects. while in smolensk, russia, where the plane was
.j. holmes. >> i'm brianna keilar. a moment of silence happening now in poland to honor the poland president and all of those who died in a plane crash yesterday. we'll have tr latest in a momen moment. >> this is from nasa tv. they're showing work up there. we'll let you know what we're doing and we'll check in live with them. we want to tell you about stories we're keeping an eye on overnight. seven people have been shot at a music festival at the french quarter in new orleans. two gunmen now out on the loose. police say seven people were shot. one was the intended target. . we're told now is in stable condition. >> deadly anti government protests are going on in taiwan. more than 825 people have been injured. the protesters known as red shirts want parliament dissolved and new elections called. >>> and web remembering the west virginia miners. a number more to come over the next week. >>> a ceremony offering the late president of polan is going on right u president lec lech kaczynski. >> the polish people are pausing for two minutes of silence as well. poland's first lady and several othe
to the politics page of support has poured in from around the world for poland, morning at the loss of the president, first lady, and several government officials. >> tonight, thousands of poles are maintaining their of emotional vigil in central warsaw. taking strength from this the plate -- display of national solidarity amid a tragedy that has shaken this country. the presidential plane crashed in thick, mid morning fog. apparently the pilot had rejected advice to divert and was facing his fourth attempt to land. the burning wreckage remains scattered in a forest just a mile from the airport. even as russian rescue teams arrived, it was clear there could be no survivors. lost in the debris, so much of poland's leadership. not just presidents lech kaczynski, but so many others. thousands came to the presidential palace to light candles and to pray. many were visibly distressed. >> it is so terrible that the most important polish people died. >> you seem very shock. >> i am shocked. i really do not know what to think about it. it is such a big loss, and it just came so suddenly. >>
plane crash that killed poland's president and state officials. we've got a live report in minutes. >>> straw poll winner. which one of these three republicans got the nod at 2012 presidential favorite? it all came down to a single vote. >>> a piece of nfl history is no longer. a stadium gets one spectacular sendoff. >> going to love our afternoon block of game shows. at 2:30, catch me in "are you smarter than a half-term governor?" i think you'll be surprised by the answer. i know i was. >> yay, she's back. comedienne tina fey with another take on sarah palin. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday," 10:00 a.m. on the nose on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. >>> we start with poland, in mourning after the plane crash in western russia that took the life of the polish president and many of the country's top leaders. in the somber ceremony in warsaw, a casket with remains of president kaczynski was marched down the tarmac. earlier this morning, russian prime minister vladimir putin toured the crash site near the airport in smolensk. nbc's yonatan pomrenze
>> a day of grief and reflection in poland after an ill-fated flight left that country without its leader. and a massive run-up in washington. i'm juliet huddy and we're live as fox reports tonight. >> i mean, i cannot explain. >> thousands of people here in the u.s. and overseas mourning of loss of the polish first family, at the president's body returns to the nation's capital. tonight, an update on the investigation into the deadly crash. and left the worldwide community heart broken. >> i will not accept this offer from the foreign minister of poland accepted by the president of poland. >> it was once the gateway to a land and a new life. this will be a place where policy is debated. where significant meetings are held. >> a push to restore ellis island to its former glory. >> this could be something that the nation could be proud of. >> plus-- >> my mom and dad help me-- >> how one child's dream to help others earns him national fame and the bragging rights of bringing down texas stadi stadium. first, a nation in shock and mourning one day after a devastating plane crash in ru
's a whole new volkswagen, and a whole new game. takes the life of the president of poland and his wife. no one else on board survives. and this morning, the people of poland are stunned with grief. we have a live report in just a moment. >>> it is now a grim recovery mission in west virginia. the worst fears about those four missing coal miners comes to pass. >>> hello, everyone. i'm alex witt and you're watching "msnbc saturday," where it's 9:00 on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west and here's what's happening. we begin this hour with the breaking news of the polish presidential plane crashing in western russia, killing the country's president, along with some of the highest military and civilian leaders. that plane went down in heavy fog on approach to the smolensk airport in northern russia. all 69 passengers on board were killed. tom aspell is in london with the latest on this grim news. >> as you say, it crashed in thick fog a mile short of smolensk airport in northern russia and burst in flames. there were no survivors. initial reports suggest pilot error may have been to blame.
likely caused a plane crash that killed poland's and the almost 100 others. today rescuers recovered the body of poland's first lady. the plane's black boxes revealed the pilot decided to land despite being encouraged not to. meanwhile polish americans are mourning the loss, with memorials and cities including dallas, new york and phoenix. >> even though we are americans and have been here for many years. our hearts will always be with poland. >> a funeral for the first family could take place saturday. top officials insisting the funeral be put off until all 96 victims remains are found and identified. >> dozens of world leaders descend on washington d.c. for a nuclear summit. the goal to find ways to keep terrorists in rogue countries from getting their hands on nuclear weapons. absent is north korea and iran. they were not invited. not on at general daand some say it is a mistake. >> when you don't talk about the stability of the pakistani, nuclear arsenal. or controversial issues like iran for example,. you really undermine the whole r effort. >> the summit is the largest hosted
to poland's president. sometimes divisive politician remembered by his people. >>> remember the airline that decided to charge for carry-on bags? the airlines who said today they are not going to charge us. plus the discovery crew may be spending longer than planned in space. >>> the nationals go for a series sweep against the brewers, capitals coach bruce boudreau has a plan for his gold tenders and mike shanahan laying down the law when news 4 at 6:00 continues. >>> there could be a rain delay for the crew of the space shuttle "discovery." nasa says florida's forecast is not looking good for tomorrow morning's landing. the astronauts may remain in orbit for another day or two. they have enough supplies to last until wednesday. the backup plan at edwards air force base in california is an option. >>> charles schumer has been fighting carry-on bag fees on flights and it looks like his fight may be paying off. five major airlines have agreed not to charge, american, delta united and us airways say they are not going to do it. the issue began when spirit airlines announced a $45 carry on
. >>> now to the story we covered so closely all weekend long. the nation of poland still in shock tonight, understandably so, after the top tier of polish leaders including the president died in saturday's plane crash. even in the face of this overwhelming national grief the investigation continues along with government there, our own jim maceda has the latest from warsaw. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. well, poles returned to work on monday, their hearts were elsewhere. the shock of the fatal aircraft mixed with growing questions about how it could have happened. beginning a week of national mourning, poland's grief was quiet and dignified. school children across the country observed a minute of silence in memory of their lost president lech kaczynski. in in auswitch some marched. and in warsaw some stood in line to sign a book of condolences. >> we don't know how to live without our president. we feel very, very sad. >> reporter: as poland mourned russian investigators identified the body of maria kaczynski, the president's wife. they will lie in state at the palac
and a nation. thousands lined the streets of warsaw paying respects to the first lady of poland. how hairdressers are taking a cue but a bit closer to the free market. -- taking cuba closer to the free market. president obama's security summit has begun. 47 leaders are there to find a way to deal with nuclear weapons. but on the first full day of the summit, russia and the u.s. have signed an agreement to dispose with plutonium that they have stored. >> the biggest gathering of world leaders by an american president since 1945. an opportunity for barack obama to show leadership and give some momentum to his agenda. nuclear threats topped the list. >> just the smallest amount of plutonium could killed and injured hundreds of thousands of innocent people. terrorist networks such as al qaeda have tried to acquire the weapon for a nuclear weapon. if they ever succeeded, they would use it. >> the summit was an opportunity for world leaders to meet barack obama. there is a quick handshake, a few polite words and then on to the next leader. was this enough to foster ties and cooperation? he
>>> this morning, breaking news. a plane carrying poland's president and nearly 100 other people crashes into russia. and there are no survivors. we have a live report. >>> they're all gone. overnight the announcement families had feared. the bodies of four, missing miners in west virginia have been found. 29 in all were killed. and now, the town begins burying its dead. >>> supreme shakeup. justice john paul stevens announces he's retiring, giving president obama another chance to reshape the high court. who's on the short list? we cover all the angles. >>> and adoption uproar. saying she can't handle her adopted son, an american woman puts the 7-year-old on a plane back to moscow alone. we have the latest on the international outrage, including an exclusive interview with russia's president. >>> good morning, america. i'm bill weir. >> and good morning, bill. i'm bianna golodryga. every parent is talking about the adoption controversy. the russian president calls what this mother did was a monstrous deed. while the mother was lied to about the mental health. >> she put a note o
miles to the southwest of warsaw lies poland's third largest city, lodz. this is the nation's newest facility. built in 2003, it holds 619 inmates with some of the most dangerous in poland. >> you walk through those gates. you're surrounded by everything, the latest, greatest, high-tech security. pretty amazing actually. most high-tech facility i've ever been in. they were very proud of it. very proud of the technology. >> even our crew was subjected to the prison's stringent security measures. scott is our audio technician. like all visitors, he must first pass through a state-of-the-art x-ray scanning machine used to prevent smuggling. >> translator: this tea vice is used on persons visiting dangerous inmates and inmates that were before incarceration exposed to drugs. it is very accurate but also very safe. it detects organic and nonorganic objects hidden on a person and inside the person, money, cell phones, drugs, in the air, the body, in natural cavities. we had an incident where a woman was trying to smuggle something in her tampon which she had inserted inside. >> in a prison
you, corde. have a great weekend. >>> along with the tears and mourning in poland tonight, questions about a pilot's decision that took the lives of many in the polish government including the president. the civil war and the confederacy making a sudden comeback fueled by a state proclamation to honor them. while many are outraged especially african-americans one black civil war enactor tells me why he's standing up for his confederate pride. >>> a floating party that is so bad it could make spring break obsolete. why the cops want to shut it down. >>> poland lost a big part of its government in one terrible event. lech kaczynski and senior military leaders died in a plane crash in western russia. terrorism does not appear to be a factor but weather does. authorities say the plane took off from warsaw and crashed while approaching the airport in schm smolensk, russia and the polish ambassador, the one in washington said lech kaczynski embodied the spirit of the his country members. >> he represented the generation of freedom, the freedom connected permanently with the legacy of sole
the charge is unfounded. >>> get back to our live picture of that service we've been seeing in poland, for poland the president and the other victims of last weekend's plane crash. we've been hearing music and singing. this started about two hours ago. we have cnn's reporter in warsaw kov covering the memorial service. those are all the pictures of the 96 people who died there. and, again, the polish president, first lady, many other high-ranking officials in the polish government were killed. let's go ahead while we do have this live picture and listen in for a moment. ♪ [ singing in foreign language ] ♪ ♪ >>> again a live picture. a mass happening right now. hundreds of thousands expected for that memorial in the streets of warsaw to honor that country's president and first lady and the 94 others killed in that plane crash a week ago today, trying to land in russia. our frederick liycan is there. we'll see, actually, tomorrow the funeral for the president and the first lady play out there. how are they beginning to prepare for what is expected to be a major event with a lot of
poland's president, his wife and top government leaders are all killed in a plane crash, and now we learn the pilot was advised not to land. >>> hope turns to heartache. every one of those west virginia miners died. tonight, did they even get close to that rescue chamber? >>> was it a cry? new fallout after that mother shipped her adopted son ck to russia. >> coaches caught. three dozen swimming coaches banned. a staggering cases involving young girls. brian ross on the case. >>> and get back. 40 years ago tonight, the beatles' breakup. just who was that song aimed at? >>> good evening. poland's prime minister burst into tears when he heard the news today, that his country's president was killed in a plane crash. an aging jet carrying poland's president, his wife and much of the polish government's leadership crashed early today while trying to land in dense fog in western russia. tonight we are learning more about the pilot being strongly advised not to land. we begin on this story with our senior foreign correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: the jet fell from the sky and with it a lar
. >>> in the throes of a tragedy the people of poland mourn after a crushing loss. up next the latest in a live report on the crash disaster and the fallout of the investigation. plus nuclear concerns. world leaders to gather to keep nukes from terrorists. political fortunes, more presidential nods for mitt. >>> and trailing tiger to win the masters, he will have to make some history. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt and welcome to "msnbc sunday." just past 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. here's what's happening right now. poland is in mourning after the plane crash that took the life of the polish president and a large swath of the country's leaders. millions of people filled the streets of warsaw for a candlelight vigil. russian president medvedev vowed to work with poland to thoroughly investigate the tragic crash. yonatan pomrenze has the latest. at what stage is this investigation? vladimir putin made an appearance there at the crash site. >> reporter: that's right. he went there. prime minister putin is in charge of the investigation and wasted no time. he went down to the site. he's personall
weekend. -- captions by vitac -- >>> along with the tears and mourning in poland tonight, questions about a pilot's decision that took the lives of many in the polish government, including the president. >>> the civil war and the confederacy making a sudden comeback this week, fueled by a state proclamation to honor them. while many are outraged, especially african-americans, one black civil war re-enactor tells me why he's standing up for his confederate pride. >>> and we'll take you to a floating party so big it could soon make spring break obsolete thanks to facebook. why the cops want to shut it down tonight. good evening, everyone. poland today lost a big part of its government in one terrible event. president lech kaczynski, his wife, and nearly 100 toll polish officials including senior military leaders died in a plane crash in western russia. terrorism does not appear to be a factor in today's crash. but weather does. russian and polish authorities say the military plane took off from war sxau crashed while approaching the airport in smolensk, russia in heavy fog.
of poland's army, navy and central bank. kaczynski's body is now back in poland where it will lie in state later today. senior polish officials are trying to reassure citizens that the government will continue to function despite this dramatic setback. i mean, this was a time of reckonciliation for poland and russia. they were going to the scene of that massacre. there is so many ironic, sad, tragic, horrific twists to this story. it's sickening. >> it is. >> it's unspeakable. >> it would be as if our president and our joint chiefs and the head of our central bank all died in the same plane crash. and, again, you're right. the symbolism is absolutely terrible. they were going to -- >> the katyn forest where 20,000 members of poland's elite were massacred and buried there. and up until maybe 1990, really, nobody took responsibility. i think until gorbachev handed a file over to the poles. >> there was progress, mike, this time for the first year because putin was actually going to go to the ceremony. again, this was the darkest moment of probably polish history ever. because they had just s
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